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The post code look up system is driven by the Post Office Address File (PAF). This is approximately 97% accurate and occasionally returns an address which is not complete. For example if a house has been converted into flats the flats may not be listed. Also, with remote properties addresses may be formatted in a slightly different way; for this reason we allow you to alter the address manually. In order to return data from Credit Reference Agencies the address format must match the way it has been entered onto any credit agreements etc and subsequently recorded by the Credit Reference Agencies.
All individuals are checked for matches against Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons lists. If there is a match you will need to conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) to confirm if the matched record is your client, by reviewing the biographical data on the results page. As this is a "name only search" most of these alerts are actually "false positives" i.e. it will not be your client, but you will need to confirm this and mark the record accordingly by clicking the button. If you cannot see the biographical data you will need to upgrade to the Enhanced Service. Call 0113 238 7660 and speak to our Customer Services team.
A REFER result simply means that the Credit Reference Agency does not have enough data on that person at that address. This can be for a number of different reasons. First of all check that the details you have entered are correct. If they are, you need to seek further proof of identity from your client e.g. driving licence, utility bill or passport. If you have entered incorrect details you will need to run a new search with the correct information.
The AML check and the Sanctions/PEP check are two different things. The AML check is simply confirming the identity of the person at the address supplied. The Sanctions/PEP check is a "name only" check and is checking lists of known Sanctions and PEPs. As this is a name only check the majority of alerts are "false positives" i.e. not the person you are dealing with. As the two checks are independent it is possible to PASS the client for AML purposes and still receive an alert, meaning you now need to conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) to ascertain if your client is indeed the person on the Sanctions/PEP list.
When a search is run using the Enhanced Service the Business or Individual is monitored for changes to the PEP and Sanctions lists. If you receive an alert, you need to retrieve the record from the SmartSearch Dashboard and complete your Enhanced Due Diligence again. If the Business or Individual is no longer a client, you can turn monitoring off using the button on the results page.